This world is not a world where the lowest can live through easily. It’s needless this young man was born into it at its lowest point in New Orleans, Louisiana, where only the strong survived who were trained to murder the people closest to them as if it was common law for the good to die young.

Growing up, he learned to stand his ground, and he did it alone.

Year after year, the void in his heart became larger, and his hunger for love grew stronger as he searched through the mud for it, leaving him covered in disappointing associations with those of dirty intentions of breaking him down every time he appeared to them as if he was building himself up.

As he attempted to make friends, it seemed as if he was being influenced to dig his own resting place in a life full of conflict, where the people he desired to love treated him as a spectacle only because they saw his quality, making themselves feel as if they were nothing.

In his life, he realized that real things remain the same and that fake people, places, and things always change, leaving his heart filled with pain as God painted the picture vividly before his eyes.


We admit that in life there is no losing, it’s only lessons. There is no failure only opportunities; and there are no problems, there are only solutions. We dedicate ourselves to helping heal others as we grow to be a tool of men and women empowerment.



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